Tree Seedling Transplanter In Stock Now

The tree seedling transplanter is available for planting acres at a time. It is equipped with with a 32” coulter capable of planting seedlings up to 24” in height. The planter is transportable via a trailer with a planter lift system.

For more information see the operational instructions, tractor requirements, and specifications for the tree planter (PDF)

Checkout our YouTube video tutorial of using the trailer lift and the transplanter in action. Experienced operators can plant ~300 seedlings per hour. 

Tractor requirements:
A minimum 40-60 horsepower tractor with a three-point hitch is required. Category 3 hitch** or greater is recommended, but some Category 2 tractors might work. The lift arm spacing clearance (width between the pins) is 38”. The equipment when on it’s stand, has the lift arm pins at 27” off the ground, so the tractor must be able to connect and lift the equipment from that height on level ground. 

Previous tractors that were successful with this equipment:

All renters must sign-off and adhere to the Tree Planter Rental Contract (PDF), which will be provided upon pick-up. 

Need Tree seedlings?
Check out our annual Spring and Fall Tree sales!

We also have a Tree planting & spacing guide. 

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