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Tool & Equipment Lending Library!

The WCCD Tools & Equipment Lending Library is designed to make various tools and implements accessible to local producers and landowners. The tools & equipment in the rental program are designed for conservation purposes. We offer Hand Tools, Herbicide Application tools, and larger Equipment rentals.

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To Reserve Tools & Equipment:

  1. First create an account, and you'll receive an email to confirm your account.   
    Give us a ring at 734 302 8713 if you'd like support. 
  2. (Optional) On your account page, add a payment method to have on file. 
    You will not be charged until you check out a rental or incur any fees.
  3. Go to the Inventory page to see the tools and equipment available and make reservations.

For questions or support with accounts or reservations: 
Contact Doug Reith, WCCD Resource Coordinator,  734 302 8713 or doug@washtenawcd.org

For more general information is on WashtenawCD.org on the Tool & Equipment Lending Library page.

Soil Probe with EZ-eject handle to eject soil from the probe (not for feet!)