No-Till Seed Drill In Stock Now

No-Till Seed Drill is designed to plant grasses and legumes on a variety of site conditions for agricultural conservation and native restoration projects. The drill plants eight 8” rows, with a 5.3 ft. planting width, and requires 40+ horsepower. The drill has three seed boxes allowing for variety of planting uses and seed mixes:

  • Small Seed (Legume)
  • Fluffy Seed (Warm Season)
  • Cool Season/Grain (Optional)

Additional details and specifications on the Truax Flex-II 88 No-Till Seed Drill can be found on the Truax website, on the spec table under "FLXII-88". The operating manual will be provided, and can be viewed here (PDF).

Pick-up and Drop-off will be at the WCCD office, 705 N. Zeeb Rd. Ann Arbor, MI 48103, unless otherwise agreed upon. 

Contracts & Rental Fees

The No Till Drill Contract outlines the rental fees and use agreement, and the rental fees summarized here:

  • Rental Fee: Renter agrees to pay: $10.00 per acre, a minimum fee of $150 will be charged.
  • Cleaning fee: Renter will be charged a $100.00 clean-up fee if needed.
  • Late fee: A fee of $50 for the first day and $100 each additional day will be charged for not adhering to rental schedule.
  • Late Payment fee: A late fee of $25 per month will be charged on all bills not paid within 60 days of billing.
  • Damage fees: All damages of the Equipment, regardless of cause, including misuse or negligence on the part of the Renter will be paid for by the Renter.

Renters will also be required to complete the WCCD Equipment Rental Contract (PDF) and the WCCD No-Till Drill Agreement (PDF), which has specific requirements about using the drill and the rental rates. 

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