Soil Probe In Stock Now

This innovative soil probe ejects soil samples quickly & efficiently, up to 12" depth samples.

IMPORTANT - Side handle is for ejecting the soil sample with the internal piston; it should not be forced or used to insert the probe into the ground!
Do not use this soil probe if the soil is heavy clay or rocky, instead use a shovel.

The probe has its own internal piston with side handle. This built-in hand plunger allows you to eject the entire soil sample from the slot and even through the tip of the probe. Twist the side handle clockwise to lock the piston in place. For a full 12” core, the piston should be locked in place at the top of the slot. For depth specific samples, the piston may be locked in place anywhere inside the slot. Twist the handle counter-clockwise to loosen the piston and eject your core. 

Watch a YouTube Video of how to use the ejector!

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