PullerBear Pro XL321 - HEAVY DUTY Due 6/18/2024

This is the largest of the PullerBear tools and is great for removal of woody plants with a single stem at 1 to 3 inches in diameter. It has an adjustable pin to best clamp onto 1", 2", and 3" diameter trunks.

These tools can be more challenging when the plant has multiple stems or long runner roots, and depending on soil conditions. These tools are not intended to be used on non-plant material and should not be overly forced.

Also available: T-Post Puller add-on!

The t-post puller attaches to this PullerBear Pro XL3-2-1 and is capable of gradually removing t-posts from soil. If interested, reserve this tool and indicate on your reservation note your request for the T-Post Puller. See how it works here.

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